American high school, my schedule etc.


Hier klicken für die deutsche Übersetzung.

I just finished writing my other post which is in German but I noticed that it was too difficult right now…coming from school, speaking English the whole day and then write in German! But if you don’t like to read it in English, click here to read in German. I’m really sorry that it is probably not the perfect German because google translated it but however it is understandable! 🙂

This post will be about my high school here in the US, my schedule and differences between German and American school systems, teachers, tardies and rules in general!

This topic is something many exchange students are interested in I guess. OK to say it short: High School is actually the same but also different! Confusing, huh? I know! I mean a High School is just a normal school. For me High School was something awesome because the „high“ in front of it. But that just means something like the level of the school. Americans don’t call their schools „Hauptschule“, „Realschule“ or even „Gymnasium“. I had hard times explaining our system to them because when they ask me to which school I go I said Gymnasium but then I got strange looks like „why is she going to a gym for school?“ Do you get it? Gymnasium means „Sporthalle“ so they didn’t get it. Americans call their schools in a pretty easy way (Elementary school, middle school, sometimes junior high and of course high school) and they don’t divide into three types of schools like we Germans.

Now I can just talk about my school so don’t wonder when your school is different.!


On the photo you can see the main entrance of my school. My school is huge school and also quite modern. We are the Titans and our symbol is a sword I guess.. the first months my friend was driving me to school but now I take the bus which is totally fine with me! I love driving in the school bus and the seats are really comfie! Every morning I take the bus and it stops at the main entrance that means I always go into school at the main entrance. But later I will talk about my daily school day.

At first let us start with all the rules and that stuff. My school is pretty easy and I don’t have to learn a lot to get good grades. Grades aren’t numbers from 1 to 6 or 0 to 15, they are letters like A, B, C etc. worst one is F, I guess. You don’t have one class, you have courses with different people in each class. Something else I really like is that each teacher has his/her own classroom so they are always nice and decorated. Another big point is that you work so much more with the computer and you look up your grades online.

You don’t have to have each class every year but you need credits. That means that you need 0.50 credit in math for example and for each semester you get 0.25 credit. Means that you have to take math at least 2 semesters. Understandable?

School spirit is really big here and it is so much fun being a member of the school! Something big is the nationalism with flags, the preamble (which I know) and the hymn. Even if it’s weird for me, that is the US.

Ok let us talk about rules 🙂 I think school is really strict about some things.. for example citizenship grades and late or hall passes when you go to the restrooms. But I guess that is the only „big“ thing. Of course no bad words, no drugs or alcohol but hey, I’m in Utah 😉

I think some of you are interested in my schedule! I’m a sophomore (10th grade) but I have junior classes as well because math is pretty easy! I will start with my schedule for the 1st semester:

  1. US history
  2. Marketing
  3. Digital media
  4. LUNCH
  5. Food & Nutrition

That was my A day and also favorite day!

  1. Biology
  2. Math
  3. English
  4. LUNCH
  5. Psychology

That was my B day and my favorite class was psychology!

My schedule for the 2nd semester is that one, started with A day:

  1. US history
  2. Yoga
  3. Travel&Tourism
  4. LUNCH
  5. Digital media

And B day which I have tomorrow:)

  1. Drawing
  2. Math
  3. English
  4. LUNCH
  5. Biology

It didn’t change that much but it’s nice. My school starts on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 7:30am and on Tuesdays at 8:30am. On Wednesdays after first period we always have tutorial (45minutes long) and we can do our homework or go to teachers and ask if we didn’t understand something. I mostly use the time to do my homework, read, sleep or text with friends.

After school I have track which is from Monday through Thursday but sometimes I am not going because I don’t feel like it or have to do something because school. Projects are a big thing on my school and you just have max 3 weeks to get done with it. For example right now I have two projects. In my digital media class I develop a web page with HTML and in biology I eat a week vegan to see how homeostasis works (I will start tomorrow, let’s see).

Homework is not that big and assignments are fast or easy. By the way, homework..actually I have biology and math homework but luckily tomorrow is Wednesday so I can do my homework in tutorial but my Biology homework is online so I have to get done with it.

I am pretty sure I forgot a lot! If you don’t understand something or you wanna know something special you can text me!

See ya, xoxo Nina ❤





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